Common iCloud errors and how to fix them

Common iCloud errors and how to fix them

Meta: When using iCloud often encounter common iCloud errors?  How to fix them?  Please refer to this article.

iCloud is an indispensable cloud service for iOS device users, all important data of the device is stored here. The following are common mistakes when using iCloud and how to fix it.

Unable to connect to iCloud

This is the most common problem with iCloud. This error appears when you are trying to log in or synchronizing data, which can even occur when you use extraneous applications on your iPhone or iPad. The first thing to do is to check if Apple’s online services are working properly.  Go to Apple System Status ( and if you see all services are shown with a blue circle as the Apple system works normally, otherwise if signs appear  yellow or red circles, you can only wait for Apple to fix the issues. If the iCloud service is still working, log out of the iCloud account on that device and log in again to connect the iCloud server again.

Error Verification Failed when logging in or out

When you receive the Verification Failed notification, it is usually due to a broken internet connection or Apple ID input. In this case, reboot the device, then go to Settings> General> Date & Time and turn on the Automatically Set option to get the device to the correct time zone and time. Finally, try logging in again.

iCloud error Verification Failed/

iCloud doesn’t sync data between devices

When iCloud sync is connected between devices, you can take photos or edit documents on one device, and those changes also sync instantly with other devices that share them. iCloud account with you. But sometimes changes are not synchronized smoothly, you can try the following tips to fix errors. First power off your iOS device, wait about a minute and reboot. Next, use a network connection speed test application like SpeedTest to check if the connection is guaranteed speed. If the upload and download speeds are too slow, reboot the router to fix connection errors. Finally, log out of your iCloud account and log in again to connect and sync your device.

Third-party applications do not sync data via iCloud

Some third-party apps save data to iCloud, which allows them to synchronize the information across all your iOS devices. Typically, this synchronization process takes place automatically. But if your app is not synced correctly, you may need to manually adjust iCloud settings. Go to Settings> click on your name displayed at the top of the interface> iCloud. Sliding down the interface will see the application is syncing data into iCloud, find the application with synchronization errors and toggle off in the green switch bar next to it, then reopen the same. Please check if it is synchronized, if not, please ask the support of the application developer.

Third party application in iCloud/

Error hanging at Updating iCloud Settings screen

If you encounter an Updating iCloud settings error that keeps spinning after logging in to your account, wait patiently for about 5 minutes for the device to update the settings from iCloud. If this error continues to hang after a long wait, try restarting the device (Force restart) by holding the power key and Home at the same time for a few seconds (on FaceID lines, use  power key and volume down). After rebooting try logging in.

iCloud notifies that your account is not supported

It is possible that the Apple ID you created is related to non-standard circumstances under Apple’s conditions, which could cause problems with iCloud. Normally, Apple ID works with other services like App Store or iTunes, if you can still use those services, of course, with iCloud you can still log in normally. If your Apple ID does not work with any of Apple’s services, contact Apple support directly. They will provide you with support for personal issues to solve this iCloud problem.

iCloud storage runs out of storage

Apple gives each user 5GB of iCloud storage for free, but it’s usually not enough to store all kinds of data: iPhone backups, high-quality photos, emails and file data on iCloud Drive. When you run out of iCloud storage, there are two ways to fix it: delete unnecessary things to take advantage of the iCloud account storage or buy additional iCloud storage.

iCloud notifications are out of space and unusable/

Today, iCloud is extremely popular and useful for iphone users. However, users will not avoid the common errors of iCloud. Hope this article will help you resolve those errors.

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