How to install and use the iCloud app for Windows?

How to install and use the iCloud app for Windows?

Meta: iCloud is a famous software application of Apple, produced and improved to make the application for running an IOS clown. So can iCloud be installed and used on Windows operating systems?

iCloud can be considered as one of the indispensable applications of Apple products. From Apple Watch, iPhone, Macbook,. All are used to store iCloud data or images, used to link between devices together. Data synchronization is definitely easier if you can have iCloud on your Windows PC. But iCloud has long been an application only for iOS operating systems. Is it possible to download and install iCloud for Windows?

Can the Windows operating system download iCloud?

It is known that Apple and Microsoft have teamed up to refresh the iCloud for Windows app and it has now been posted to the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 brothers. The new iCloud App uses the same technology as OneDrive On-Demand, that means your files still appear fully on your computer but are only avatars, only the files you need to work on will be downloaded to your computer to save space (and after the download is complete you can  Works offline with them when the network will sync again). You can view photos, videos, mail, calendar data, files, and other information on your iCloud account right from your computer, just like when you use an iPhone, iPad.

Most users can install iCloud on their PCs or laptops

Previously the iCloud app for Windows did not work well on Windows, it sync was slow, conflicting with the Windows 10 update. But the newly released update will overcome the previous drawbacks.

How to install iCloud on Windows PC?

In fact, most users can install iCloud on their PCs or laptops, no matter how high or low, because iCloud doesn’t require any hardware. Downloading iCloud to your computer is relatively simple. You only need to access iCloud for Windows then select Download to proceed to download iCloud to your computer. After downloading iCloud to your computer, you need to install iCloud by following the steps below:

Step 1: Install iCloud for Windows

After successfully downloading iCloud to your computer, launch the EXE file. In the first step, click Install to install as usual.

Step 2: Launch iCloud

Once the installation is complete, launch iCloud and log in with your account

Step 3: Download the necessary data to the device

After logging in, iCloud automatically proceeds to download the data to your computer. In case you do not want to send an error diagnosis to Apple’s server, select Don’t send.

Step 4: Observe the data

After downloading the necessary data, you can observe the archive here.

You can click on Photos to choose a sharing method. By default, iCloud automatically uploads photos after capture, allows sharing, and sets the sharing link.

iCloud automatically uploads photos after capture

How to use iCloud on Windows?

Upload your photos and share with friends

When you turn on your photo library, iCloud on Windows creates an image folder in File Explorer named iCloud Photos.

iCloud Photos allows you to upload new photos and videos that you add to the iCloud Photo Upload folder on your PC. You can now view them in the photo app on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac and on iCloud Photos allows you to view, share and comment on photos and videos shared by others.

So you have installed iCloud on your Windows PC. You can already use them.

Manage your iCloud storage and account information

You can manage your iCloud storage by upgrading the storage plan or reducing the storage you are using. If you want to change your Apple ID, you can update your email, mailing address or other account information.

  • To view your available storage, open iCloud on Windows.
  • To manage your archive, click Archive. Choose an app to see how much space you’re using or click “Buy more storage” to upgrade.
  • To manage your Apple ID, open iCloud on Windows and click Account details. Then click Manage Apple ID.

iCloud is a good application to help you synchronize data between your computer and phone if not with Apple. All your data and photos will have better alignment. We can install and use an iCloud application for Windows easily. Hope you are successful.

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