How to manage your iCloud storage

How to manage your iCloud storage

Meta: If you want more storage space for your iPhone without spending any money, then refer to how to manage iCloud storage.

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Currently, iCloud has a very important role for Iphone users.  ICloud storage is where you can store all your data.  So how to manage your iCloud storage.  Please refer to this article.

What is iCloud storage?

Understandably, iCloud storage is an online storage service of Apple, which is responsible for backing up and syncing all information and data such as photos, videos, games, calendars, contacts,… between devices. iOS, Macbook or Windows PC devices. In particular, thanks to built-in GPS, iCloud can also help locate, ring, remotely power off, even delete all data when the device is lost or stolen. To be able to use iCloud, users must create an account and register for iCloud. After successful registration, Apple will give that account 5GB of free iCloud storage. If used up, you can buy more.

How to view the iCloud space available

To manage your iCloud storage is efficient, you must first exactly the availability of iCloud on how much?

Step 1: From the Home screen, click on the Settings> Settings General..


Step 2: Select “Has & Host Using” to know: How much is the total iCloud disposable? If you want more to be more than you can buy. Available capacity that you can continue to store, back up data.

Step 3: Select “manage the size” to view details of the already already or has been backed up, sync iCloud.


How to add temporary iCloud storage

When free your iCloud storage is uploaded, you will receive an account upgrade message and add an iCloud capacity from Apple. However, if you do not want to take charge of this problem, you can perform the following steps to add temporary iCloud:

Step 1: First you visit Settings> iCloud> Storage & Backup> Manage Storage. Here you will see the backups you have backed up before.

Step 2: Select unnecessary backups to be able to remove them.

Step 3: The system will ask you to restart the machine to proceed to the deletion process.

Essentially additional ways of iCloud storage space is only temporarily cleaned, cleaning the memory space, not to help you expand. If 5GB is not enough, you should buy more from Apple.

How to manage iCloud backup set

If you know how to manage iCloud backup effectively, you can take advantage of up to 5GB of free iCloud storage without having to buy extra.  The operation is very simple, you can perform directly on your iOS device without having to open Windows PC or Macbook.

Step 1: Open Settings> General Settings> Storage & use iCloud.

Step 2: Select “Manage iCloud storage”> click the old backup. Here you can manage the applications backed up to iCloud and delete them to free up memory.

Step 3: After the device successfully connects to the server hosting the backup file, click the “Delete backup” button at the bottom of the screen> Turn off & delete  > wait for the delete process to complete.


How to manage iCloud photo library

From iOS 8.1 and above, the entire photo library will be automatically uploaded to iCloud.  At the same time, all your edits will be updated on all synchronized devices.  Therefore, to manage iCloud photo library effectively and save iCloud storage space, you keep the small version instead of the original image.


How to turn on iCloud Photo Library

  • iOS 10.3 and above: Go to Settings> [your name]> iCloud> Photos> turn on iCloud Photo Library.
  • iOS 10.2 or earlier: Go to Settings> iCloud> Photos (or Settings> Photos & Camera)> turn on iCloud Photo Library.

How to turn off iCloud Photo Library

  •  iOS 10.3 and above: Go to Settings> [your name]> iCloud> Photos> turn off iCloud Photo Library.
  • iOS 10.2 or earlier: Go to Settings> iCloud> Photos (or Settings> Photos & Camera)> turn off iCloud Photo Library.

 How to optimize iCloud storage

  • iOS 10.3 and above: Settings> [your name]> iCloud> Photos> Turn on [device] storage optimization.
  • iOS 10.2 or earlier: Settings> iCloud> Photos (or Settings> Photos & Camera)> Turn on [device] capacity optimization.

Delete photos and videos from iCloud Photo Library

  • In the Photos app on an iOS device, touch Photos.
  • Select the photos and videos you want to delete.
  • Touch the Trash button, then touch Delete [item].

Recover deleted photos and videos

Deleted photos and videos will stay in the “Recently Deleted” folder for about 30 days. So if you want to recover these data, you can go here to find and restore them.

These are all your iCloud storage management operations for any iOS and Windows PC device. Hope this article will help you use iCloud storage most effectively.

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