How to transfer Gmail to iCloud

How to transfer Gmail to iCloud

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In fact, you can copy all your existing Google emails to iCloud Mail and then directly move Gmail to redirect any future emails to your Apple email address. If you do not know how, the following article will help you.


There may be many reasons why you want to give up your Gmail address to support Apple iCloud. However, there are also several reasons why you may not need to perform this action

If you have decided you do not want to continue using your Gmail account, you can copy all your existing Google emails to iCloud Mail folders with one easy cashc. You can then direct Gmail to redirect any future emails to your Apple email address. We will explain how below.

Instructions to copy your Gmail email to iCloud

Step 1: Start by setting up Mail on your Mac, iPhone or iPad to accept your Gmail email.

Step 2: If you have folders in Gmail that you want to copy in iCloud, you’ll need to set up these folders before copying your email. To create a new folder in the iCloud mail section of your Mail application, you need to follow these instructions.

– If you use a Mac, you need to right-click iCloud (under Inbox) and select New Inbox. Then choose a Name for your mailbox, for example: Gmail Archive. After that, the folder will appear in iCloud on the left.

– If you use an iOS device, you need to go to Mailbox> Edit and then select New mailbox. You need to name your Mailbox and choose iCloud as the location.

Step 3: In this step, we will begin to copy the Gmail emails that you want to keep to the new folder in iCloud. In general, you should copy instead of drag and drop only in case an error occurs during the process. You need to right-click and select Copy and then select the folder you just set up to copy emails in Mail on Mac, select email in Gmail folder. Select Edit then select the message you want to copy (or Mark all) then select Move and select the folder you set up to copy emails on your iOS device

Step 4: Once your email has been copied you should delete Gmail from your Mail app.

– If you use a Mac, you need to go to Email> Accounts, select your Gmail address and click the minus button and confirm that you want to Disable account.

– If you use an iOS device, go to Settings> Mail> Accounts, then tap on Gmail account and then select Delete account.

You will have emails from your Gmail account in your iCloud account and you can leave it there without ever needing to reopen your Gmail (except maybe there might be some emails sent to your account. do not want to miss).

You may need to change the email addresses that those emails are being sent to (this will be the case through your registration and contact with friends and colleagues) or, easier, setup the transfer. email reception in Gmail.

How to set up email forwarding from Gmail to iCloud

Of course, you may not want to continue receiving Gmail emails, maybe you’ve removed that account for a long time and now it’s just full of spam in case you can only close your Gmail account, one way. simply log in to your account, scroll down to the Account Preferences section and select Delete your account or service.

However, in case you want to forward the email sent you need to follow these instructions

– Step 1: You need gmail access, click on cog. You then need to Install and select the Forwarding and POP / IMAP tab.

– Step 2 In this step, enter your iCloud address when prompted for the forwarding address.

– Step 3: An email to verify permission will be sent to you. You will need to add a verification code before email forwarding will begin. If you later decide that you do not want to continue forwarding these emails, you can click Delete Address.

– Step4: Now all emails sent to your gmail account will be redirected to your iCloud address.

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